Company H

121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Company H, 121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry and the 9th Ohio Independent Battery
surround the grave of Colonel William P. Reid, the first commander of the 121st, at
Oakgrove Cemetery, Delaware, Ohio, Memorial Day, 1999.
Welcome to Company H, 121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
a Civil War Reenactment group from north-central Ohio.  We are a department of the Marion County
Historical Society. The unit was formed in 1992 by Richard West of the historical society and Mark
Melroy, a local Civil War reenactor with Company H, 49th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, to provide
reenactment and educational services in the Marion area and surrounding counties, as well as local and
national battle reenactments.  It was only meant to be a small color guard of about eight to ten men, but
it quickly grew beyond those expectations into a company of its own.  It has participated in numerous
events throughout the eastern and southern United States and even in England.  In 1999, it became a
founding member unit of the Army of the Ohio.
The 121st O.V.I.
offers a variety of reenacting experiences.  
The company attends national battle
reenactments, where thousands of
reenactors from all over the country come
to recreate the great battles of the Civil
War, where the sights and sounds can
make you feel like you have briefly gone
back in time.  The unit also attends smaller
battle events throughout Ohio and
neighboring states.  We set up displays of
arms, uniforms, and equipment for a
variety of functions and perform army drill
and camp demonstrations.  As a
community orientated group, the company
offers educational programs for area
The Union line along the stone wall during Pickett's Charge, at
the Battle of Gettysburg, in 1998, the single largest Civil War
Reenactment in history.
schools, community functions, parades, and, as a unit that honors the soldiers of the Civil War, and all
other of America's wars, we participate in veteran activities such as Memorial Day.
As a member of the Army of the Ohio, we are able to combine with other Ohio units to become
bigger companies and battalions, and with further membership in the
First Federal Division, brigades.
It all offers a unique experience of this pivotal time in our nation's history and culture.
Come and See what we have offer and see if you, too, would like to join us in our most unique of
The White Acorn
above was the symbol
of the 2nd Division,
14th Army Corps.  
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