Company H

121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Equipment for the New Recruit
   So, you're looking at joining our company.  Well, it's something that you will never regret.  
   This page is meant to help you know clothing and equipment you'll need to start your reenacting hobby and take the field with our
unit.  It also lets you know the approximate prices that getting started can cost.  There are a variety of uniform choices, even among
the fairly standardized Union Army, but these are the ones recommended by us.  Not all units have the same recommendations or
standards.  These are for those wishing to join the 121st O.V.I.
   We here offer the following sutlers (or reenacting merchandisers) for your purchases.  They are reliable and have good quality
equipment that is up to the authenticity standards that the company holds.  But certainly you are welcome to check out other sulters.  
They can be found on own Links Page.  Just please check with us first.
   Fall Creek Sultery:
   Regimental Quartermaster:
*note: the prices listed are for the specific sutlers listed.  Prices are not guaranteed by the company and can change.  Sulters do not
notify the unit as to prices changes.
   Looking at all these prices may make your wallet groan.  But think of all the other hobbies out there and how expensive they are.  
You can easily put down $10,000 for a good motorcycle, and boats for fishing can be quite expensive.  Even stamp collecting can
start reaching high numbers.  Plus, Civil War reenacting is currently the cheapest of all the living history interpretations out there.  A
flintlock musket can cost as low as $1000 and a Continental uniform jacket currently stands at $350.  WWII uniforms are very
expensive.  After what you buy here, you're pretty well set.  Our trips are fairly cheap, just the price of gas to get there (carpooling is
a more efficient and enjoyable way of travel) and the cost of food.  
   However, if it's still hard to pull that wallet out, know that your comrades of the 121st O.V.I. are still here to help.  Over the years
we have acquired extra uniforms (whether through donation or purchase) that we loan out.  These are not purchasable or "rent to
own," but borrowing them is a free service of the 121st.  We do have selected sizes.  We do expect you to purchase your own
uniform, but in this way your costs can be spread out.  This also provides you an opportunity to try out reenacting for the simple
costs of the immediate event.  Once you've tried it, we know you'll enjoy it.  So, come on and give it a try.   
Does the price shock you!  We can help!