Company H

     121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Wool Blankets
   Soldiers were issued one wool blanket to
keep warm.  It measured only about five feet
long and about four and a half feet wide, not
enough to cover a soldier.  The blanket
generally came in a solid gray wool or, in the
middle of the war, the soldiers started
receiving tan color with black strips and
stitched US on the ends.  The soldiers also
received blankets from family and friends at
  Essential for camping out.  
Fall Creek Price: $19.95 - $91.95

Regimental Quartermaster Price: $69.50 -       
Rubber Blankets
    In addition to their wool blanket, each soldier was
issued a rubber, or gum, blanket to serve as rain gear.  
These were generally a canvas sheet painted with a
rubber coating (from the gum tree) or covered with tar to
make them water proof.  When it rained, the soldiers
wrapped the blanket around them as best as they could
and tie two of the eyelets together.  They were also called
ground cloths, as the soldiers would lay them on the
ground to prevent moister from the ground getting on
   During the war, someone had the bright idea of cutting
a slit in the middle so the soldier could put his head
through, which they called a poncho.  
   Rubber blankets are slightly smaller than the wool
blankets.  The painted rubber blankets have their seams
and eyelets glue (inset picture), which, unfortunately,
loose their strength.  The poncho's reinforced slit is also
glued.  The tarred blankets are rarer.  The stitched seams
would be stronger, but the blankets are much stiffer.  
These can be found at
James Country Mercantile.  
   You only need a ground cloth or a poncho.  You need
to get whatever you feel your participation requires.  
Fall Creek Price: (each) $59.95

Regimental Quartermaster Price: (poncho) $74.95