Company H

     121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Fall Creek Price: $104.50 - with heel plates add $8.00

Regimental Quartermaster Price: $101.50 - with heel plates add
   In the early 1850's, a new boot design was adopted by the Army,
which became the standard footwear of the Civil War: the Brogan.  
Made of leather with wooden pegged soles, the Brogan was worn by
every soldier.  Square toed and no inside arch made the shoe able to
be worn on either foot.  The Army, in fact, ordered each soldier to
switch which foot the boot went on for even wearing of the sole.  
   Metal heel plates were added to prevent wear on the heels and add
traction on the ground.  These, we highly recommend.
   Hob nail too can be added for greater traction on the ground and
were highly used by the soldiers.  However, as a reenacting
company, walking on linoleum floors and pavement, they make the
Brogan little better than roller stakes.  So, we don't recommend
*Note: The Brogan was accepted by President Franklin Pierce's
Secretary of War, Jefferson Davis, and so were known at the Jeff
Davis Boot.  Davis became the Confederate president in 1861.