Company H

   121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
      The coat, or blouse, as it was called at the time, is the main part of the uniform that most people thing of.  Here, there are
a variety of coats that the 121st O.V.I. accepts.  These three are common and were common throughout the war.  All styles
were worn by members of the original regiment.  Here, this is your decision for your taste.  The color of all the coats are dark
blue only.  
The Sack Coat
Fall Creek Price: $119.00

Regimental Quartermaster Price: $89.50
     The Sack Coat was the general coat used by the Army through much of
the war.  It was the work coat of the Army and, in 1862, became the general
uniform coat in order to reduce costs.  It definitely was an economy uniform.  
Made of wool, the loose fitting jacket could clothe a wide variety of people with
only a few sizes.  From this, it earned its name, for they said, it fit like a sack.  
It had a turned down collar and four buttons, with an inside breast pocket.  Its
length comes down just below the hip.  
   This is the recommended jacket for new recruits for its cheaper price and
wide usage.  
Fall Creek Price: $279.00

Regimental Quartermaster Price: $205.50
The Frock Coat
     The Frock Coat was the standard coat of the U.S. Army throughout the war.
 It was based off civilian frock coats popular at the time.  More tailored to the
soldier's physique than the Sack Coat, it was a smart looking uniform.  It has
nine buttons down the middle with two on each cuff.  It has a high, stiff collar to
keep the soldier looking forward and the tails come down to the knee.  It has one
inside breast pocket and two back tail pockets.  The interior of the coat is lined
with cotton.  Around the cuffs and collar is decorative light blue piping; light blue
being the color of the infantry.  It remained the standard army coat throughout
the war and was issued to many volunteer regiments, sometimes without the
decorative piping.  Many in the 121st O.V.I. were first issued this coat in
September 1862.  
Fall Creek Price: $179.00

Regimental Quartermaster Price: $93.50
The Shell Jacket
   Also called the "Roundabout," the shell jacket was popular among many states'
militia units, especially in Ohio, to the point that it was sometimes called the
"Ohio Shell Jacket."  Just as form-fitting as the Frock Coat, but with a shorter
cut, coming just below the waist.  It also has nine buttons and a cotton lining.  
The collar is stiff but not as high as the Frock.  Quite nice and smart.