Company H

     121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
   For the new recruit, the 121st O.V.I. only recommends one hat: the
forage cap.  This cap was the fatigue, or work, hat of the U.S. Army,
that became fairly standard throughout the army throughout the war.  
It has a leather brim for shading the eyes and a chin strap to hold the
cap on the head when riding on horseback.  The infantry never use this
band.  The cap itself is nothing more than a lined wool bag.  The men
at times used it for holding food, or forage, (hence the name) when the
soldier had few other means.  The only color for this hat is dark blue,
which was the standard color of the Army.  
 The original 121st O.V.I. wore a variety of hats during the war, and
we do accept just about every authentic hat that soldiers during the
war use, but we do recommend this cap for the new recruit.  This was
the first hat issued to the original regiment, so everyone one had one.  
Second, the armies in the east, fighting in Virginia, who's battles we
we reenact often, only permitted the forage cap, with few exceptions,
in that force from 1861 through 1863.  Only when Lieutenant General
Ulysses S. Grant took command of the Army, were the Eastern armies
permitted a wider variety of headgear. This permits the new recruit to
cover a wider variety of reenacting areas.  
Fall Creek Price: $42.50

Regimental Quartermaster Price: $39.50