Company H

       121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Leather Accouterments
    Leather accouterments are those things necessary to hold the ammunition needed for the musket.  All soldiers will need these to
be properly outfitted.  The brass insignia on the leather is not required, except on the belt.  Soldiers have two choices: US brass,
which stands of course for United States and was highly common for soldiers from all states, or OVM, which stands for Ohio
Volunteer Militia and was issued to soldiers from Ohio before 1863.  Note: *
OVI brass is not correct to the period.  It appeared in
the 1960's during the Civil War Centennial.
Note: *Musicians, because they don't carry muskets, only need the belt.
Leather Belt
     The leather belt is a must for all soldiers.  Equipment is
hung on it and it adds a sharp finish to the uniform.  
Fall Creek Price: $19.95

Regimental Quartermaster Price: $15.95 / with US buckle: $25.95
Buckles Only
Fall Creek Price: (US) $11.95   (OVM) $15.95

Regimental Quartermaster Price: (US) $10.50  (OVM) $27.95
Cartridge Box & Sling
     The Model 1855 Cartridge Box is what holds the soldier's
ammunition of powder and bullet, rolled into paper cartridges.  
Reenactor rounds, of course, have no bullets.  It was designed
to hold 40 rounds.  It has two leather flaps to prevent rain from
wetting the cartridges and a small pouch for cleaning equipment.  
   Generally it was decorated with a cartridge box plate and the
shoulder strap with a breast plate.  
Fall Creek Price: (box) $44.50   (strap) $21.95

Regimental Quartermaster Price: (box) $39.95   (strap) $18.95
Plates (prices are for each)
Fall Creek Price: (US Box & Breast Plate) $11.95
                  (Ohio Box & Breast Plate) $15.95

Regimental Quartermaster Price: (US Box & Breast Plate) $10.50
                  (Ohio Box & Breast Plate) Does Not Seem to Have
Cap Pouch
    The cap pouch is a small leather pouch that holds the percussion caps
necessary to fire the musket.  This, too, has a double leather flap to prevent
water from leaking in.  A wool covering prevents any sparks from reaching the
caps.  This is worn on the belt.
Fall Creek Price: $19.95

Regimental Quartermaster Price: $16.50
Bayonet Scabbards
    Bayonet Scabbards are necessary to hold the bayonet.
They come in two forms: one for the Enfield and one for
the Springfield.  No matter which one you want, you'll
need to get the one that matches your musket.
Enfield Scabbard (left) is a triangular leather
scabbard with a brass tip and top.  In order to hang on the
belt, it needs a frog (or, some say the correct way to say it
throg), the leather casing.  The benefits of the Enfield
scabbard is that it tends to stay out of your way.  
Otherwise, it tends to move around on the belt as you
move.  The frog, if not riveted, tends to fall apart after a
time and the brass hanger will loosen and fall off.  
Springfield Scabbard (right) is one piece, again a
leather scabbard with a brass tip.  The belt loop is riveted
to the scabbard itself, which makes it a solid piece.  
Unfortunately, the angle that the scabbard lays gets quite
annoying and can, if you're not careful, poke your neighbor.
Fall Creek Price: (scabbard) $24.95   (frog) $9.00 - $19.95

Regimental Quartermaster Price: (scabbard) $19.95   
                                         (frog) $9.50 - $16.95