Company H

       121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Mess Kit
    A soldier's mess kit was a variety of items
necessary for the soldier to fix and eat his
food.  It usually consisted of a tin plate, fork,
knife, spoon, and a cup or mucket.  The tin
plate was just like any plate, or it could
sometimes be like a bowl, with higher sides.      
      The knife, fork, and spoon were just like
any other civilian tableware of the time.  In the
early part of the war, someone came up with a
knife, fork, spoon combination, where the fork
and spoon were one piece and the knife slid
into the other two for easy storage.  Both types
were popular.  
    Finally, the soldier was given a cup, which
was sometimes called a dipper, to be used for
the soldier's coffee.  However, some of the
soldiers bought what was called a mucket.  It
was a tin cup with a hinged lid and a wire bale,
which could be used not only as a cup but as a
cooking pot.  Highly useful but not a must-have.
Fall Creek Price: (tin plate) $9.95 - $14.95   
                      (knife, fork, spoon combination) $14.95 - $24.95
                      (tin cup) $9.95 - $16.95   (mucket) $28.00

Regimental Quartermaster Price: (tin plate) $7.95   
                                         (knife, fork, spoon) $19.95
                                         (tin cup) $17.50 - $22.50   (mucket) $34.95