Company H

     121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Shirts & Socks
   Soldiers were issued gray flannel shirts by the Army but these tended
to be set aside, or generally worn out, for lighter, and more comfortable,
cotton shirts.  These were usually sent from home or purchased from
the regimental or brigade sutler.  They varied in designs and were of
civilian patterns.  
  We don't put any regulation on shirts other than they be of period
patterns.  The decorative pattern is up to you.  
  Socks are pretty basic.  Gray or tan wool is acceptable.  Do not have
double colors as they were solid colors.  They should not have elastic.  
Socks can be bought from sulters or from your local store.  
  Cotton socks are also acceptable, if they follow the above perimeters.
Fall Creek Price: $29.95 - $57.50

Regimental Quartermaster Price: $34.50 - $37.95
Fall Creek Price: $10.95

Regimental Quartermaster Price: $6.50 - $10.95