Company H

      121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Foot Trousers
     U.S. Foot Trousers were designed for
infantry abuse.  Button fly with adjustable
waist tie in the back, the standard trouser
is somewhat loose fitting.  The extra
buttons on the waist are for suspenders,
which hold the trousers up.  Two pockets
are along the sides.  
   The end of the legs of the trousers will
need to be hemmed for length.  
   The trousers came in two colors, light
and dark blue.  Dark blue was the standard
color of the Infantry, but price cuts during
the war, beginning in mid-1862, led the
government to lessen the dye (which was
imported indigo) to make them light blue.  
Artillery and Cavalry were already light
blue.  We recommend the light blue
trousers, as dark blue was generally rare
by the middle of the war.  The original
121st O.V.I. wore both types.  
    Suspenders are necessary to keep the trousers up.  Generally
made of cotton with leather ends, the suspenders are adjustable.  
Made for one or two front buttons.
Fall Creek Price: $119.00

Regimental Quartermaster Price: $94.50
Fall Creek Price: $19.95

Regimental Quartermaster Price: $19.95