Company H

         121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Picture Gallery
1992 - 1994
Sergeant Mark Melroy sets up a display of all the materials a reenactor
needs at Heritage Hall, Marion, Ohio.  February 1992.
Private Daniel Frisby stands next to the 121st's national banner at
the Raymond Rally Days, Raymond, Ohio.  August 1992.
1st Sergeant Rick Wilson and Acting Lieutenant Daniel Frisby enlist
students of River Valley Middle School into the army during a program.  
May 1992.
Soldiers of the 121st Ohio prepare for battle as apart of the Iron Brigade  
at the Battle of Second Bull Run, Virginia.  August 1992.
The camp of the 121st Ohio at Raymond Rally Days, Raymond, Ohio.  
August 1992.
Captain Mark Melroy and his wife, Diane, pose before their camp at the
Tiffin Heritage Days, Tiffin, Ohio.  September 1992.
The Federal Battalion emerges over the ridge at the Battle of Perryville,
Kentucky in October 1992.
The 121st fires a volley during the Fall Festival at the Marion County
Fairgrounds, Marion, Ohio.  October 1992.
The 121st poses at Cedar Creek Battlefield, Virginia.  March 1993.
The Federal line charges forward.  Battle of Cedar Creek, Virginia, March
The Federal battalion with a company of colorful New York Zouaves at the far right.  Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  July 1993.
The carnage of the Battle of Stone's River, Tennessee.
Corporal Bob Cooper, Captain Mark Melroy, and Private Ed White at
Stone's River, Tennessee.
The 121st gather on Little Round Top, Gettysburg National Military
Park, for Remembrance Day, November 1993.
Members of the 121st and their wives gather at the home of Captain
Mark Melroy for Christmas celebration.  December 1993.
The color guard stands at attention for the anniversary of the
dedication of Heritage Hall, the Marion County Historical
Society.  Marion, Ohio.  February, 1994.
Bob Cooper and Mark Melroy stand guard at Fort
Zachary Taylor in southern Florida.
The Federal line behind their earthworks at the Battle of Resaca , Georgia,
May 1994.  Private Barry Scheiderer peeks in at right.
The route (I mean battle) in the fog at Resaca, Georgia.  May 1994.
The 121st fire a salute to Corporal Charles Lee Patton, Company B,
121st Ohio, on Memorial Day, 1994.  Corporal Patten is buried at
Marion Cemetery, Marion, Ohio.
Sporting the yellow and blue regimental shirts, member of the
121st pose at Niagara Falls, Canada.  Yes, we share it!
Artillery Safety School at Old Fort Niagara, New York.  Put
on by the National Civil War Artillery Association.  June  
Our camp at Cedar Creek, Virginia.  Don't dog tents look
like such comfortable homes?