Company H

         121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Picture Gallery
1998 - 2000
A drill with the "James" in January 1998.  The men are wearing their
winter coats called "great coats."
The company gathers in their "street" at the Battle of Lexington, South
Carolina in March 1998.
The company deploys as skirmisher in a demonstration at Scott's Lawn in
The 121st Ohio forms up behind their stacked arms at the 135th
Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.  July 1998.
At 500 officers and men, the Western Brigade (of which the 121st was a member unit) forms an impressive
sight as a single regiment at Gettysburg in 1998, the single largest Civil War reenactment in history.  July
The Battle of the first day at Gettysburg.  July 1998.
The formidable breastworks built by the 121st for the Culps
Hill scenerio.  They stood 5 feet high and 2 feet thick and
stopped all rebel attackers.  Battle of Gettysburg July 1998.
The Federal army repulses the climax of "Pickett's Charge."  Battle of Gettysburg
July 1998.
The "ghost" of Captain Mark Melroy gives comfort to his
wife, Diane, in this incredible ghost picture.
Eight members of the 121st gather around the Scottish-American Civil War
Soldiers' Memorial in Edinburgh Cemetery in Scotland.  The statue of Abraham
Lincoln was the first statue of an American president outside of the United States.  
July 1999.
Privates Jared Haudenschield and T. Caine White prepare
their muskets in the Battle of Chickamauga, Weston Park,
England.  June 1999.
Acting company First Sergeant Mic Szabo and Private Steve Eck
admire a good ol' English rain at Weston Park, England.  June
The 121st eats their lunch while they listen to stories told by English
commander Neil Hamilton. Weston Park, England.  June 1999.
Captain Mark Melroy commands conglomerate company at the Battle of
Chickamauga at Weston Park, England.  June 1999.  His company was
made up of Americans, Englishmen, Belgians, Germans, French, and
The 121st marches into Oak Grove Cemetery in Delaware for Memorial
Day ceremonies.
Artillery Sergeant Kip Fields and Private Jerry Baker fire the James
at advancing elements of the 22nd Alabama (or members of the 121st
acting as Rebels) in Marion County.  June 1999.
The Meigs County (Ohio) Militia fire on General John H. Morgan's cavalry
as they raid through Ohio, Battle of Buffington Island, Ohio.  July 1999.  Our
own brave corporals, Jared Haudenschield and Steve Eck cower on the ground.
The 121st, followed by the 91st Ohio, march out to battle at the Battle of
Chickamauga, Georgia.  September 1999.
The 121st practices Bayonet Drill with wooden muskets at Marion's
Saturday in the Park, September 1999.
Private Jerry Baker and Artillery Sergeant Kip Fields with a third party stand
next to the James during New Year's Countdown at Columbus, Ohio.  New
Year's Eve 2000.
The Army of the Ohio (the 121st on the left of the picture) form for battle
at Sailor's Creek, Virginia.  April 2000.
The Federal battleline advances toward the last stand of Lee's army at
Sailor's Creek, Virginia.  April 2000.
The Federal line charges to break the last stand of General Ewell's corps
in the Battle of Sailor's Creek, Virginia.  April 2000.
The 121st stands on the stairs of the Wilber McLean House, site of General Lee's surrender to General Grant.  
Appomattox Court House, Virginia.  April 2000.
The honor guard of the 121st fires three volleys on Memorial
Day, Prospect.
The James adds a salute to Prospect's Memorial Day ceremonies.
2nd Corporal Jared Haudenschield holds the flag of the 121st while
Captain Mark Melroy talks about the usages of battle flags in the
Civil War for Kid's College at the Ohio State University's Marion
Campus.  June 2000.
The 121st gathers around the newly dedicated statue of General
William T. Sherman in Lancaster, Ohio.  July 2000.
The 121st forms up for battle at Lima, Ohio in August 2000.
The 121st marches out of camp under the shadow of its regimental flag
for the last reenactment at Lima.  August 2000.