Company H

         121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Picture Gallery
2008 - 2009
Jared Haudenschield portrayed
Revolutionary War Surgeon's
Mate Ebenezer Ballantine in
"A Night at Heritage Hall" for
the Marion County Historical
Society, March 2008.
Lew Holland as Private Joel
Straube, who served in the
4th and 5th Ohio Volunteer
Infantries during the Civil
War for a "Night at
Heritage Hall."
Mark Melroy portrayed Private Shirley Eugene
Kane, who served in the 166th Infantry
Regiment of the famous Rainbow Division.  
Mark wears Kane's actual uniform.
Mic Szabo is a World War II B-19 bomber
ball turret gunner for "A Night at Heritage
Joe Young stands in the uniform and
equipment of a member of the 502nd
Parachute Infantry, 101st Airborne Division.
Mic Szabo, Jeff Craig, and Stephen Melroy stand by their station
on camp life at Fairbanks Middle School near Marysville.  May
The 121st drill a group of students from Fairbanks Middle School in
May 2008.
The display of the 121st at Hardin Historic Farm and Village, Kenton.  May 2008
Stephen Melroy, drummer, and Mick Szabo, fifer,
lead the company in Memorial Day Parade at
Galion.  May 2008.
The 121st enters Fairfield Cemetery in Galion  at the position of
"Reverse Arms," the traditional position of respect for the dead, for
Memorial Day Ceremonies.  May 2008.
The 121st drills with the James at Hale Farm and Village in preparation
for the battle.  August 2008.  
The James with its One-Night-Stand.  They made a beautiful, but brief,
couple.  We were graciously offered the use of another battery's limber
for the event.  Thanks to those "Texas Boys."  Hale Farm, August 2008.
Preparing to take out that Rebel gun, who  . . . nicely lent us their
limber.  Hale Farm, August 2008.
Infantry advances under the support of the guns.  In 5 minutes, they all get slaughtered.  Hale
Farm, August 2008.
Jared & Pete Haudenschield give a presentation to a cub scout
group at St. Mary's Church, Marion.  February 2009.
Pete Haudenschield, Rob McLernon, & Lew Holland portray members of the
121st's Company B at their "post" at the base of "Kenesaw Mountain" in
2009's "Night at Heritage Hall."  
Michael McLernon & Jared Haudenschield, also portraying members of
Company B, put in a long night behind their breastworks.  A Night at
Heritage Hall, March 2009.
Mark Melroy showed off his WWI gas mask at a
Night at Heritage Hall, March 2009.
Gale Martin, Pete Haudenschield, Ben Williams, Jared Haudenschield, Joe
Young, and Mark Melroy stand at the display of the 121st at the Marion
County Fair.  The time line covered from the French & Indian War,
Revolutionary War, Mexican War, and Civil War.  July 2009.  Photo by Jim
Pete Haudenschield describes some of the equipment of the
Civil War soldier to some kids, with our mascot Fighting
Dick poses for the camera.  Marion County Fair July 2009.  
Photo by Jim Carpenter.
It's a busy day at the display at the Morrow County Fair, September
Musican Chris McLernon & Pvt. Rob McLernon stand guard over a
prison from Washington, D.C.  Too bad we can't do that to all the
people from Washington.  Morrow County Fair, September 2009.
The tent display at the Morrow County Fair show the different types of
tents used during the war.  September 2009.
The 121st's Revolutionary War display starring Le Cesar, an 18th
Century cannon.  The display included the cannon and equipment,
tent, infantry gear, and medical instruments.  Morrow County Fair,
September 2009.
Another display at Saturday in the Park, Lincoln Park, Marion.  
September 2009.
One young boy decides to try out the campaign style of
camping out.  Seems to be doing pretty good.  Saturday in the
Park, Marion.  September 2009.
The 121st stand ready to lead the Delaware All Horse Parade, September 2009.
The 121st stands at a monument dedication at New California.
September 2009.
The James fires a salute at New California, September 2009.