121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Company H
Picture Gallery
Tracy Thull, who took the following photographs, and Corporal Joe
Young, in camp.
The 121st preparing for battle by putting on their leathers.
Corporal Pete Haudenschield, Private Jeff Craig, and Corporal Young, ready
for battle.
The Army of the Ohio company formed for battle.  Captain Bob
Halbisen, (of the 21st O.V.I.) commanding.  
Sunday's Battle: Brigadier General James D. Morgan (2nd Division, XIV U.S. Army Corps) stands against all odds.
The Confederate line has a huge hole punched into it by artillery.
The company marches back from the battle.
Joe and Pete (picture to the right) clean their
muskets after Saturday's battle.  (Below) Acting 1st
Lieutenant Jared Haudenschield, cleans his
revolver cylinder.  
Our new hardtack box, made by the Haudenschields.  Good use as a storage
box, table and chair.  Great camp furniture.  
145th Anniversary of the Battle of
Bentonville, N.C. March 19 - 21.
Corporal Pete Haudenschield and Jared Haudenschield pose with inductees of
the Marion County Genealogical Society's Civil War Families on April 3.  The
121st did a presentation on the soldiers' life in camp for the first induction.  
From the Marion Star.
Memorial Day Ceremonies, Mount
Gilead.  May 31.
The 121st, dressed as Continental Soldiers, surround Le Cesar, a
French cannon cast in 1766 and captured by U.S. Marine in
1911 in Haiti.  It was given to Mount Gilead by Naval Captain
Edwin Pollack, a native of the city.  The 121st helped construct
the carriage and has permission from the Morrow County
Historical Society to fire it.  From the Morrow County Sentinel.
Mark Melroy searches the piece for any debris in the barrel.  Pete
Haudenschield stands by to swab out the barrel.  
Jared Haudenschield lit the fuze that fired off the gun for the first time
in public.
Right after the firing.  Corporal Jeff Craig is still in motion of giving the
firing signal.  
Memorial Day Ceremonies,
Waldo.  May 23.
The color guard stands a rest during the ceremonies.  To the left
stands Doug Ebert of Marion, portraying General U. S. Grant.
The color guard.  From left to right: Greg Patterson, Joe Young,
Jared Haudenschield, and Michael Bishop.  Three others who
marched in the parade went to serve on the James.
The James crew from left to right: Mark Melroy, Stephen Melroy, Pete
Haudenschield, and Jeff Craig.
Stephen punches the powder bag.
The perfect picture.
Hale Farm & Village: August 14 & 15
Confederate cavalry attack and slaughter the 121st.  Our infantry support also got slaughtered as well.  It proved the
turning point in the battle.  Photo thanks to our friends in the 6th Ohio Cavalry.
The James crew: (from left to right) Joe Young, Greg
Patterson, Todd Patterson, Jared Haudenschield, and Pete
Haudenschield.  Here they drill before the battle.
Hale Village, encampment of the Union Army.
Confederates drive the Union army out of their camp.
The 121st deploys its gun to drive the Rebs out.  
The James advances to keep up with the retreating Confederates.
The gun, now under the command of Sergeant Jeff Craig, gives
the only artillery support for the Union army late in the battle.
Confederate cavalry make a dash at the James.
And we hurl them back.
Our infantry support, the 150th Pennsylvania.  Good marksmen.
The infantry, the Army of the Ohio, make a failed assault against the
Confederate line.
Dinner With the Presidents: November 6
The 121st, covering different time periods, prepare for
evening guard duty.  From left to right: Sgt. Jeff Craig
(Civil War), Joe Young (Civil War), Jared Haudenschield
(Revolutionary War), Pete Haudenschield (Mexican War)
and Michael Bishop (Civil War).
Pete Haudenschield & Joe Young guard the entrance as guests enter.
Jared Haudenschield stands guard near the colors.  The
presidential flag on the right is an exact copy of President
Warren G. Harding's flag, in the possession of the Marion
County Historical Society, after having received permission
from President George H. W. Bush.
Sgt. Craig places Michael Bishop at his post at the side of the presidential
President Abraham Lincoln and his wife(played by Marion County
Historical Society director Gale Martin) enter the dinning room.
T. R., after having come from a Rough Riders reunion, joins the
Still saluting for the next president.
Mark Melroy (World War I) and Joe Young guard the entrance.
The presidents receive well-wishes from their guests.  In attendance were John Adams (portrayed by
our own Greg Patterson), William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, William
McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Warren G. Harding.