Company H

    121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Picture Gallery
Medical Presentation:
February 27
Captain Mark Melroy, Medical Orderly Michael
Bishop, and Lieutenant Jared Haudenschield
explain pharmaceutical and surgical methods used
by Union Army doctors during the war.  Photos from
Jim Bishop.
Lt. Haudenschield hold up a bottle of morphine powder,
which would be "dusted" into the wound to kill the pain of
an injury or a wound.
Lt. Haudenschield ties a field tourniquet used to stop the flow
of blood to a limb about to be amputated.  
Captain Melroy explains the surgical procedure of
Lt. Haudenschield uses an amputation knife to cut
deep into the arm in preparation to saw it off.
A Night at Heritage Hall:
March 25 & 26
Recruiters from two different eras: Mark Melroy as
James H. Godman, Marion's first Civil War
recruiter and Jared Haudenschield as a WWII
recruiting soldier.  
Robert McLernon does duty signing soldiers up for the Civil War.