Company H

121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Picture Gallery
Military Appreciation Day, Schottenstein Center.  
January 21
The 121st's color guard at the Schottenstein Center on Military Appreciation Day.  Unfortunately, due to communication problems, we
arrived to be told that they had made other arrangements.  However, we prove proof that we reported for duty.  From left to right in the
right picture: Zach Austin, Ryan Gray, Jared Haudenschield, Michael Bishop.
Memorial Day Ceremonies, Waldo.
May 20
The color guard of the 121st wheeling onto Main Street: (from left to right) Captain
Jared D. Haudenschield, Private Michael J. Bishop, Corporal Perry D.
Haudenschield, Private Robert McLernon, and Private Jay Johnston.  Musician
Michael McLernon plays the drum behind the line.
The captain's fiancee riding in the Marion County
Historical Society's wagon, which showed people
dressed in clothing from different eras.  
Private Bishop guarding the colors with the unit mans the
James.  Off to the left is the historical society's Doug Ebert as
Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant.
The crew places the round in the barrel and prepares to ram the charge down.
The James fires, though a little blurry.
On to Richmond!  Woodsfield Living
History.  June 9 - 10
Private Michael Bishop, Corporal Pete Haudenschield, and Privates Josh Mann
and Ryan Gray participated in the preservation march on Saturday morning.
The unit, with full gear, at the camp site with the addition of Private
Jared Haudenschield.
Marion County Fair.  July 6
The 121st at the Marion County Fair, representing different military eras.  
From left to right: Mark Melroy (French & Indian War), Jared
Haudenschield (Revolutionary War), Josh Mann (War of 1812), Pete
Haudenschield (Mexican War), Michael Bishop and Rob McLernon (Civil
The mascot of the
121st, Fightin'
Dick, on display.
All Horse Parade.  September 9
Our Color Guard at the All Horse Parade in Delaware.  From left
to right: Jeff Craig, sergeant of the guard; Zach Austin; Jim Titus;
Ed White, a former member coming out for another hurrah; and
Greg Patterson.  The musicians in the background are Mick Szabo
on the fife and Mark Melroy on the drum.  
The guard marching at the head of the parade.
Travel Thru Time: War of
1812.  September 22
Our fearless militia commander
The camp of the militia, with their watchful sentry.
Now he's awake that the shootings started.
Captain Drake and his remaining men chase after those who routed.
The sentry, wounded by Indians, or was it a man
in his own unit, being helped by a nearby settler.
A panicky militiaman wields his hatchet against unsuspecting visitors.
Protecting civilians at Fort Morrow
Drake's Motley Band
Drake claiming his motley band.
The militia at Fort Morrow
Captain Drake fires the shot to test his militiamen's mettle