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February 23, 2014
    Fairbanks Middle School has been added to our April schedule.  That now makes two school programs scheduled for
this year.  We can only do so many, so if you want us at our school, please get with us soon!
       Corporal Joshua Mann has set up the company with a
Facebook page.  Come and check it out.  Like us, too.  You
know you want to.  

February 8, 2014
    We've got our schedule up for the year, and we've still have events to post.  We're getting underway on organization
and preparing for a fun and exciting year!  So check out our Schedule Page and see what you would like to come to!

January 19, 2014
   Our great apologies.  It has been a year since we last updated the site.  Don't think that we haven't been busy though.  
A lot of work went into a number of our events, and it wore out this web master.  But we are starting things fresh this
year.  Last night we had our winter meeting and we had some changes in staff.  See our Officers page and our Branches
Page, forward Artillery to see who's in charge now.  
   We will be updating our schedule and hopefully improving the site as we go.  So, this site will only improve and be
more informative.  So, join us as we continue through the 150th Anniversary events of the Civil War!

October 22, 2012
   Wow!  It's been a month since we've last updated, and we're sorry to say that we haven't been that busy since
Perryville.  We had an awesome company at Perryville.  We had members of the Army of the Ohio, 10th Wisconsin and
Iowa artillery, all commanded by our own Captain Haudenschield, with Captain Bryan Wyers of the 10th commanding
Saturday afternoon for his first major event as captain.  We're sorry to say that the battles and overall organization were
something to be desired, as the event seemed to go poorly and we haven't seen battles conducted this badly in a long,
long time.  We have all hoped that we were passed these types of battles.  But we made Sunday's battle fun for us, for
instead of retreating in unrealistic orderly fashion, the captain had us break ranks and dispersed, fighting in small groups
all the way back to Starkweather's Hill.  So, good friends, old and new, and we ended it with a bang, at least for
ourselves, that is.  
    But we still have a lot of work yet.  This Saturday, October 27, is the 1st Ohio Civil War Reenactors Leadership
Conference, where many of Ohio's Civil War units leadership will be talking about the state of the hobby and how we
can improve it and create greater communication among ourselves.  
    Then, on November 3, the Marion County Historical Society will be having their Dinner with the Presidents, where
two of our members, Mark Melroy and Mick Szabo, will be portraying Presidents Eisenhower and Jackson, while the
rest of the group is providing guards for the executives.  Click
here for more information and tickets to the event.  
    At great, short 3 minute video of the Battle of the Cornfield for the Antietam event this passed September is on
You-tube:  Check it out!  

September 24, 2012
   The Travel Thru Time event went spectacularly!  We had large crowds for all our tours, despite the fact that the
event had to be canceled early on account of rain.  The Drake's militia scenario worked very well and everyone had a
good time.  Greg was excellent as the panicky militiaman, and the boys had fun at our small reconstruction of Fort
Morrow.  Check out all the pictures in the
2012 Gallery.  The historical society is already planning next year's event.  
   Now, we're getting ready for the 150th Anniversary Battle of Perryville, the 121st's first engagement.  

September 16, 2012
  Well, we were able to go to two events at the same time.  Mark Melroy was able to pull together a color guard for the
Delaware All Horse Parade.  We even had a former member, Ed White, come and join us, carrying our regimental
  Antietam was great!  One battle got canceled due to rain, but the battles were very good.  Captain Haudenschield
commanded the Army of the Ohio's 2nd Company, which included the 121st, 91st, and 76th Ohio Infantries.  We were
heavily engaged at the Battle of Fox's Gap as the 30th Ohio Infantry and the fight in the Cornfield was unbelievable.  
Maneuvering through the corn was difficult and the smoke was very think in the morning dew.  The sight of the
Confederate casualties along the Hagerstown Road was horrific and eerily real.  A couple of injuries on the field basically
ruined our participation during A.P. Hill's flank attack, but the sight at the Cornfield made everything worth it.  
  We've added pictures of the All Horse Parade to the
2012 Gallery and we'll see if we can get some from Antietam, or
at least link you to one.  
  Right now, we're getting ready for the historical society event: A Travel Thru Time: The War of 1812 on Saturday,
September 22.  We will be portraying local militia from 1812 that operated in the Marion County area in this historic trail
in the woods of Sawyer-Ludwig Park.  Come see us!  It's free.  

September 3, 2012
Now that our drill has been completed, we are preparing for two simultaneous events.  A few of us are going to a battle
reenactment of Antietam, which is taking place near Boonsboro, Maryland.  We will be doing battles for the South
Mountain Passes, the Cornfield and A. P. Hill's great flanking attack.  It looks to be an amazing weekend.
Another contingent of our force will be forming a color guard to lead Delaware's All Horse Parade, which is to kick off
their Little Brown Jug Fair.  Our company has led this parade for over 10 years now.  
Also, Mark Melroy and Jared Haudenschield will be helping with the Marion County Historical Society's float for
Marion's Popcorn Parade on Thursday, September 6, by firing the Popcorn Museum's small cannon.  
On September 22, the company will be a big part of a historical society event called Travel Thru Time: the War of 1812,
which will be a historic trail at Sawyer-Ludwig Park in Marion focusing on an 1812 militia disaster known as Drake's
Defeat (or Drake's Folly) and its effects throughout the area.  The company will be portraying Drake's militia and the
Fort Morrow garrison at the event.  
 Finally, we have added a new page to our history section with the story of our mascot,
Fighting Dick.  Check it out!

August 21, 2012
Sorry for not updating the site sooner, but things have been busy, personally.  Unfortunately, the James is undergoing
major repairs and is out of commission for awhile.  A wheel is still being repaired and then we have to work on the trail.  
So, we were unable to attend Hale Farm as artillery, and since the guys wanted to go as that, only a few attended the
event, going as infantry.  We'll let you know how it went when we hear from them.  
Currently, we're getting ready for the big Antietam reenactment coming up next month.  Those of us not attending the
event are planning on marching in the Delaware All Horse Parade.  

July 29, 2012
After a wonderful vacation, the captain is back.  We are sorry to announce that those who were scheduled to go to
Genessee Country Village battle reenactment were unable to attend.  And our next event, a battle reenactment at Hale
Farm and Village maybe in doubt, as well.  The James is currently undergoing repairs.  If the repairs are completed, the
unit will attempt to go, if they are not, we may not be able to attend.  So here's to keeping our fingers crossed.  

July 7, 2012
What a hot day for the fair!  Attendance of spectators was nearly nonexistent.  Nevertheless, we put up a nice display,
which can be viewed at our
2012 Gallery.  We covered the French & Indian War (1754 - 1763), the Revolutionary War
(1775 - 1783), the War of 1812 (1812 - 1815), the Mexican War (1846 - 1848), and the Civil War (1861 - 1865).  We
had a good time, but the heat was pretty oppressive, reaching over 100 degrees.  
Our next event is a battle reenactment at Genessee Country Village.  This is a large 19th Century village through which
we get to fight.
Our captain and web master will be getting married on July 14, so the web site will not be updated after Genessee Village
until sometime after wards.  Wish him and his fiancee the best of luck.  

June 28, 2012
We had a beautiful day for a drill and we got some basics covered.  
We're looking forward to the Marion County Fair, where we will be doing a time-line of different wars from the French
and Indian to the Civil War.  We will be beside the Marion County Historical Society's Log cabin.  We look forward to
seeing you there.  

June 13, 2012
Woodsfield was an excellent event.  We had a good time at the preservation march, which was well planned and well
supplied with water.  Bayonet drill was fun and exciting as we actually had something to bayonet.  The local Ladies
Soldiers' Aid Society delivered care packages to the boys and it was a bounty!  More food that we could eat and plenty
of nice goodies.  Plus, we got to heckle the local politicians.  It was all a great time and we really thank Kyle Yoho for
putting this on.
New pictures have been added to the
2012 Gallery for this event.
Next, we will be at Riverview Park doing some training.  

May 29, 2012
We had a very successful firing of the James at the Memorial Day ceremonies at Mount Gilead yesterday.  We've been
invited back again next year and to a couple other Memorial Day ceremonies next year in Morrow County.  
Our next event is the living history encampment at Woodsfield, Ohio.  There we will portraying a regiment preparing to
go for war.  There will be drill, camp scenarios, civilian activities, and a Civil War era play.  The event is also raising
money for battle flag preservation!

May 23, 2012
New pictures have been added to the
2012 Gallery for the Memorial Day Ceremonies at Waldo.
Next Event: March 15.  Infantry Drill.  Beightler Armory, Columbus, Ohio.  
10AM - 3PM

121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
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