Company H

121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Our Officers
All officers are elected biannually at the company winter meeting, unless necessity dictates.
Commanding the Company
Captain Jared D. Haudenschield
Executive Officer
Orderly  Sergeant Mark A. Melroy
Non-Commissioned Officers
Sergeant Perry D. (Pete) Haudenschield
Company Number: 75
   Haudenschield enlisted in early 2005 as a Private.  His first major engagement was
the Battle of Bentonville, North Carolina in March 2005.  He was elected 2nd Corporal
in 2010.  In 2014, he was elected sergeant.
Company Number: 29  
   Haudenschield enlisted as Musician (Drummer) in August 1994, having his
first major engagement at the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee in October 1995.  He
took up the musket and became a private soldier in February 1996.  Captain
Mark Melroy appointed him 3rd Corporal in April 1998 and he was then elected
2nd Corporal in January 1999.  During this time he served on the company
Safety Committee.  He was elected 1st Corporal in January 2001 and then
breveted by Captain Melroy 3rd Sergeant in July 2001.  In January 2002, he was
elected Executive Officer with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.  Colonel Melroy, then
commanding the Army of the Ohio and serving as Captain
in absentia,  
promoted him to 1st Lieutenant in June 2003 on account of numerous company
commands.  He served as the Adjutant for the Army of the Ohio for 2004.  He
was then elected Captain, commanding, in January 2005.
Company Number: 1  
  Melroy enlisted back in 1990 as a Private soldier in Company H, 49th Ohio
Volunteer Infantry and was elected at some point 3rd Sergeant.  In 1992, he and
Richard West, of the Marion County Historical Society, formed Company H, 121st
Ohio Volunteer Infantry and was made 1st Lieutenant commanding.  In 1993, he
was promoted to the rank of Captain.  In various reenactments, he often served as
battalion and wing commander.  In 1998, he helped form the Army of the Ohio
and was elected Executive Officer of that unit with rank of Major.  In November
2001, he was elected Colonel, commanding the Army of the Ohio, and in the
121st, he was elected Captain
in absentia, which he held until January 2004.  In
2003, he helped form the Great Lakes Brigade, which was a combination of the
Army of the Ohio and the Indiana Brigade.  At the end of 2004, he stepped down
as Colonel and was elected Lieutenant Colonel in the Army of the Ohio and Chief
of Staff of the Great Lakes Brigade.  In 2005, after the break up of the Great
Lakes Brigade, Melroy returned to the 121st and was elected its Executive Officer
with rank of Private.  In 2014, the rank of
orderly sergeant was added to the post
of executive officer.
Corporal Joshua D. Mann
Company Number: 30
   Mann grew up reenacting with his father, both Revolutionary War and Civil War.  
He joined the 121st in August 1994 as a private and continued in that position until
going into the Ohio National Guard in the late 1990's.  He returned to the company in
2010 and served as an aide to Colonel Bob Minton of the Army of the Ohio.  He was
elected corporal in 2014.