Company H
Welcome recruit!  So, you're interested in joining our fine company.  Well, we're always looking
for new men interested in the Civil War to fall in our ranks.  Here, you can experience something of the
life of a Civil War soldier.   Nowhere else will you get a better understanding of the soldiers who
Enlistment is easy.  Just complete our enlistment sheet and medical form and
send to:  
                                           The 121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
                                           169 East Church Street
                                           Marion, Ohio
with $10.00 per person or $15.00 per family dues.  This places you on our muster rolls and in our communications, to
receive our newsletter:
The Long Roll, gives you a voice in our decisions, and opens you to the whole world of reenacting.  
We have no participation requirements, but the more you can participate, certainly the more enjoyment you'll have.  And of
course, the more memories and stories you'll have to tell!
You must have parental consent if a minor and must be 16 years or older to carry a musket.  Those 15 and under must be a
functioning musician in order to participate on the field.  As an infantry company, you have either the drum, fife, or bugle as
your instrument of choice.    Most importantly, you must abide by our safety regulations.  Remember, they were formed for
your protection!  All members are expected to buy their own uniforms and equipment.
  We are a family oriented group and welcome wives and children.  Children too young to participate as soldiers and women
are expected to act as civilians.  We have a branch of the United States Sanitary Commission, a civilian organization that
assisted the army to improve the lives of the soldiers.  
   Here, you'll do more than you've ever expected.  You'll travel throughout the United States, seeing many Civil War
battlefields.  (As we say in the company, "Join the 121st and see the South!")  You will see hundreds and thousands of men
arrayed in long lines of battle and hear the deafening roar of muskets and cannon, gaining a sense of what those men went
through, and hear many a story around the campfire.  Most of all, you'll form friendships that will last a lifetime and
experience things that you will never forget.  
Thank you and welcome to the company,
Recruiting Officers
If you would like to meet with us personally, please feel to the contact us.

    121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Recruits Wanted!
Company H, 121st Regiment
Ohio Volunteer Infantry
The Great Rebellion Must Be Crushed!
Recruiting Office, No. 169 E. Church St., Marion, O.
fought one of America's greatest conflicts than wearing their uniforms, carrying their arms, sleeping in their tents, and
marching in their formations.  Here's is your chance to relive an important part of our national history!  We go all over the
Eastern and Southern United States, as well as all over Ohio, recreating battles of the Civil War, some, like Perryville in
Kentucky, on the actual battlefields.  
Get the chance to experience what every reenactor dreams of:
a magic moment.  This is a moment in time when all the
sights and sounds of battle become so real that you believe that you're actually there during the war.
So, enlist now and begin to experience only what you've read in books.