Company H
Want the "James?"
The "James" spews smoke and thunder at Fort Meigs, Perrysburg, Ohio.
  So, you would like to have our cannon, a 14 pound James Rifle, for your program or ceremony.  We're always happy
to obliged, but due to the costs of maintaining, transporting and firing the "James," this is the one part of our program
that isn't free.  This might shy you away from the "James," but our costs are more than reasonable and do not give us a
profit.  Powder is expensive, and the "James" requires a 12 ounce shot in order for it to perform properly and up to
everyone's expectations.
Here is our price list for the "James:"
                                                   $25.00 for transportation to site (if not fired)
                                                   $30.00 for first two shots
                                                   $15.00 for each addition shot.
From 1995 to 2008, the 121st/9th Battery have been trained
and safety certified by the National Civil War Artillery
Association at their safety training at Fort Niagara, New York.
  We can fire salutes and the "James" is a great way to start and
end your ceremony.  For our school programs, we go step by
different projectiles that the James Rifle fired.  We also, if the
teachers wish, allow a student or two pull the lanyard that sets the
"James" off.  (Of course, the student always has a member of our
crew with him/her at all times.)  
  An important note!  Because of Memorial Day's importance in
the history of the Civil War and it's respect to all our missed and
morned veterans, all the above artillery expenses are suspended.  
If you want the "James" for a Memorial Day Ceremony, it's
absolutely free.  It's the very least we can do.

      121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry